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Finding a great picnic spot is not very hard in the Bay Area. For me, the challenge often lies in the setup and preparation. Every time I would pack food for a picnic something would inevitably get squashed, cold items would get warm and something would always be forgotten. I like to keep things extremely simple now, just packing small snacks instead of a large meal and picking up some pre made food ahead of time.

For food, I like to make an easy pasta salad that isn’t affected if it gets a bit warm. My favorite recipe is a tortellini pesto pasta salad with fresh basil and mozzarella. I just place it in a large Tupperware and bring a bowl to place it in once set up. Often we will pick up sandwiches or chicken strips (my favorite food!) from a local deli.

For the snacks, I always bring fresh fruit such as grapes, berries and pears. I like to pair them with cheese, crackers and fresh bread. I put any of the snacks that can get damaged in Tupperware and then arrange them on cutting boards or platters.

I almost always bring wine (Rose or White) in the warmer months, which I like to keep chilled by wrapping in a wine bottle freezer sleeve. This has made a drastic difference in keeping the wine chilled as does the gel ice packs I use for the food. I place all items in my large picnic basket with an arm strap so it is easy to carry around.

I am definitely looking forward to many picnics this upcoming summer!

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