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I always think it is fun to see a dessert bar at a party, so I like to incorporate them into any event I can. For a long time I felt frustrated with the outcome, comparing my lackluster spread to the gorgeous detailed versions I would see on Pinterest. I realized my biggest problem was layering. Instead of tiering the different treats I would lay them flat on a table with a centerpiece, making it look stale and boring. Now I implement a different approach when styling a dessert bar.

It’s all about layering! My favorite pieces to use for height in most entertaining situations are apple crates. I know this is not something most people have sitting around their house, but they are available at so many stores and make a huge difference. I have gotten them at local antique stores, Home Goods and Marshalls. Depending on the style of the party I will leave the crate exposed, or drape with a light fabric. In this situation I decided to go with a mix of both.

Mixing Materials:  I also put an emphasis on combining materials, such as wood, glass and fabric. I just start stacking items until I find an arrangement that feels balanced. I use anything from jewelry boxes to terrariums to put baked goods in or on, sometimes unexpected items make the desserts stand out more than a cake stand or plate.

Incorporate Florals: Anytime I lay out food on a table I like to incorporate flowers for balance. It tends to break up your eye, so you can focus on the individual desserts and not just a sea of food. Flowers also just add so much color and texture which pairs so well with desserts.

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