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I love to set out floral arrangements when people come over, but the Fourth should be a no fuss holiday and doesn’t need anything elaborate. I chose red-orange dahlias and freesias, which have a beautiful color and scent. Instead of throwing them in a plain vase I wanted to make them a bit more festive by adding some layers and texture.

One of my more random purchases was a giant roll of burlap from the craft store last year. My boyfriend specifically said, “You’re never going to use all of that!” and guess what? I have! I use it for everything from table runners, gift wrapping accents and projects like this.

For this project the size of your burlap strip depends on which vase you choose. I like a straight side cylindrical vase (it wraps easier) in two different sizes for varying height. Simply cut a big piece on burlap, wrap around the vase and lightly trace with a pencil where you want to cut it down to. If the strip is too long, cut off any excess and fix the two sides with a small piece of tape. Don’t worry you are going to cover this with ribbon so you won’t see the tape.

When the burlap is attached you can add on a ribbon. I tie a knot and move it to the back of the arrangement, as to not have a large bow in front, but either way looks good! I love this project because it is so easy to use for any holiday and takes about 5 minutes. I always love a little rustic touch and the burlap pairs well with so many different ribbons. I use these again in the fall and at Christmas time.


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