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How I Relieve Stress + Anxiety

By nature I am a very anxious person. I get stressed out easily and feel anxiety come on over things others may find minor. I used to spend hours on the internet looking for ways to curb anxiety and over the years picked up some favorite practices that help calm me down and center me so to speak.

Get Outside: I love hiking and being outside, so an obvious way for me to relax is to be in nature. I find that it makes me feel so small and that whatever I am going through is small in comparison to everything else around me. It helps bring me back to reality and put things in perspective. Also just breathing in fresh air makes my head instantly feel more clear.

Meditate: This is a relatively new addition to my routine, but I find it extremely helpful. Taking time to meditate and actually turn off your brain is extremely difficult and I still struggle with that constantly, it just takes a lot of practice. I find it helps to use an app such as Mindfulness to help concentrate and focus on breathing. Just make sure your phone is on silent and the room is dark and quiet. I like to sit on a large pillow and light a couple of candles to feel even more relaxed.

Exercise: Even if it is only for twenty minutes, exercise can instantly change my mood. For me, getting to the gym is the hardest part, but once I am there I am ready to focus. I also love a high intensity class like Soul Cycle or Pure Barre Platform to get my mind off everything for an hour. I find that working out with other people, especially strangers motivates me to push myself harder. Every time I leave those classes I am drenched in sweat and feel like I really accomplished something.

Write It Down: I used to get major anxiety in college. About everything from upcoming projects to having a presentation in front of a large group. I started writing down the root of that stress and anxiety and what I thought the worst possible outcome would be and it somehow made me feel better. I wasn’t going to die or fall apart if something didn’t go as planned and having it down on paper calmed my nerves.

Stretch: Doing yoga or simple stretches at home help relax my muscles and ease tension on my neck which makes my entire body feel better. I love using a foam roller to crack my back and relieve stiffness in my legs. This website shows some great stretches you can do with a roller.


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