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Celebrating Holiday Traditions


I feel very lucky to have had deep rooted holiday traditions that my family stays true to every year. There is something about having those few things to look forward to even as an adult, that makes this time of year feel so special. One of those traditions is going to cut down our Christmas tree. My parents have been going to Garlock’s Tree Farm in Sebastopol since before my brother and I were born and even though we don’t all live together anymore we make it a point to go as a family. This is something I hope to recreate one day with my own family and being that this is my first Christmas living with Daniel we wanted to start some of our own traditions.

Before we met my parents at Garlock’s this weekend we stopped at Grandma Buddy’s, a tree farm with the cutest interior space that felt like a winter wonderland. They have a collection of gorgeous home made wreaths and an assortment of small gifts. Once we got home, I was so eager to get the tree up and start a new tradition of each exchanging one small special ornament. My mom still picks out ornaments that reminds her of my brother and I which is nice to look back on years later when hanging them all together.



More Traditions I want to Start

  • Bake homemade cookies (attached with nice cards) and drop off at local Police and/or Fire Stations
  • Take time to go on walks throughout the month to look at all of the lights
  • Donate to three causes that mean a lot to me (more coming on this later in the week)
  • Make a festive wreath or garland every year
  • Create homemade ornaments








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