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Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in a really long time. I took a complete break from social media. It sounds like such a simple thing to do, but as a true phone/computer addict it is much harder than it seems. This blog means so much to me and I love coming up with content and posting on Instagram, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to meet my own expectations. With the upcoming Christmas holiday I was feeling abnormally overwhelmed and felt like it was time to do a little detox. Just taking one day away from my computer (email excluded) and phone allowed me to think more clearly about the important things in life.

Harlowe James is very important to me, as is the community I follow on social media. I am constantly inspired by the work I see other people doing and it always pushes me to work that much harder, but it is important to not be all consumed by something, no matter what it is. I think taking a break from social media can be just the reset needed to produce better content and this is something I plan on doing once every month.


I wanted to do something just for me not with the intention of posting, but ya’ll know I love flowers so much I figured I would share the holiday arrangements I am working on for this weekend’s Christmas festivities. I chose to do something a bit different this year and used a bold black vase to offset the colors of the florals. I love the texture of the vase against soft white roses and the rustic red berry twigs. I finished everything off with small pops of baby’s breath, eucalyptus pouring over the sides, and additional textured greens like pine and rosemary.

Today will be my last post before Christmas as I really want to enjoy this holiday weekend with my family and friends. I will be back to posting on Instagram today and will have more content coming before the New Year. I appreciate all of you for following along and would love to hear your thoughts on taking mini breaks from social media. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you have a wonderful weekend surrounded by things that make you happy and the people you love!

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