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Serena & Lily Memorial Day

Early Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, so I like to get a head start early in the year. I find it easiest to start by de cluttering any shelf or storage closet and go through all items in my apartment I want to donate or sell. In addition to my closet, I like to sort through everything from books, office supplies and decorative accents. Breaking up the cleaning into a few increments really helps me actually accomplish something instead of getting frustrated and giving up altogether. Here are some of the key items I like to start with and build up to a full deep clean of our apartment.

Donate Books/Accessories You No Longer Need

I have stated before that my collection of coffee table books is rather large, but I also have a lot of great reading books. I save as many as I can, but small books can often clutter shelves which makes them look messy or disorganized. I hardly ever re read books unless it is one of my all time favorites or classic literature, so I start by sorting through books I have already read and donate them. I also like to share books that resonated with me to family members or friends!

Rearrange Work Surface

Having a clean work area is absolutely crucial for me, especially in our small apartment. I don’t have an office, just a small desk in our living room. This has minimal storage so I have to keep all of my paperwork and office accessories to a minimum. Instead of having a file cabinet with different folders I have two main binders that I can stow away in a cabinet or closet. I have a binder for my blog and one for household items. Each one is clearly divided with tabs and holds everything from bills, Comcast paperwork, tax information and receipts. I use clear plastic page protectors and binder zipper pouches to keep everything super organized and efficient. I have actually found that this works so much better for me instead of throwing everything into a drawer.

When I start Spring cleaning this is an area I like to tackle first. I go through the binders and shred paperwork I no longer need. I go through pens (many of which are dried out) and other office supplies and throw anything away that no longer works. I also take out everything in the one drawer my desk does have then lay the items out on top of the desk and clean the inside of the drawer. I don’t know about y’all but somehow every single drawer we have manages to become a black hole for garbage, so spreading everything out on the desk let’s me see the junk I don’t need more clearly.


Replace Dead or Damaged Plants

This is an easy task, but somehow one I always put off. Winter can be harsh on some house plants, so Spring is a great time to go through and see which ones are past saving. We have had a lifeless fiddle leaf  fig tree in the corner of our living room for a while that I finally just replaced because I was tired of picking up the dead leaves. Spring is a also a great time of year to incorporate plants into your home. I love how layered a simple plant can make a room look and adding a natural element can instantly take your room to the next level.


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