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One of my goals when starting Harlowe James was to highlight companies and brands that I actually use and resonate with. Today I am talking about EO products, a local favorite that I have used for years. EO is headquartered right here in Marin County and has a beautiful retail store in Mill Valley that I recently visited to make a custom perfume out of their essential oils. You don’t have to live in the Bay Area to shop EO, their products are sold at a variety of places including Whole Foods, CVS and Target. You can see the full list of locations to purchase or order directly off their website.

I have talked in the past about my skin being pretty sensitive, so I am a firm believer in only using quality ingredients in my daily routine. EO gets its name from essential oils, which are the first products they created and at the core of all of their products today. I use their heavenly scented shower gel on the daily, and follow up with their body lotion and organic body serum. My skin has honestly never been more soft, but also never looked so healthy. Being consistent is key for me and using products from the same line with no added chemicals makes me feel like my skin is glowing.

I am also a big bath person and take one whenever I feel like I am stressed out (so all the time!). We always have a big bottle of the lavender bath salts and lavender bubble bath next to our tub. The scent is so light and refreshing and leaves my skin feeling moisturized as opposed to dry even when sitting in the water for a long period of time. Sometimes I will just add a couple of drops of my favorite essentials oils (like mandarin or vanilla) to the tub which smells incredible.

EO has so many incredible products and their brand as a whole is so consistent. As someone who scours magazines and always wants the latest and greatest beauty products I have never shied away from EO. I know I can use everything from the face oil to their hand sanitizing wipes (a staple in my car and purse) and not only be satisfied, but keep coming back for more. I feel proud that they are a Marin based company making a difference in the beauty and wellness industry.

A huge thank you to Sabrina at the Mill Valley store for taking time to mix a custom scent with me and to Meredith for giving me a look inside EO!

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