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My Favorite Guacamole

I think it’s safe to say chips and guacamole is by far one of my favorite things to eat. With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner I decided to mix up my no fail guacamole. I like the consistency of guacamole to be almost like avocado toast and prefer a smooth mixture with little add ins. I don’t dress it up with tomatoes or a lot of onions, but prefer the layering of cumin and cilantro with the avocado. Salt and pepper make a huge difference when making guacamole, so I start with a pinch of each and keep adding more until it tastes perfect. Another great tip I learned when making guacamole, is how to make it last a little longer in the fridge. When you are ready to store your guacamole gently add some water (about a teaspoon) to the bowl. I use a glass container that comes with a lid, so I can just put on the lid on and store in the refrigerator. Once you are ready to eat the guacamole drain the water, stir the the guacamole and enjoy!

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