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I think it’s safe to say home accessories are my weakness. I love clothes, shoes and beauty products, but there is nothing quite like getting things for your living space. I instantly feel good when I make small changes to our apartment and love to incorporate new accessories throughout the year. I recently got asked on Instagram what some of my current favorite home accessories are, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pieces I have either purchased recently or are on my wishlist. What are some of your favorite can’t live without home details?

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Ever since we got our marble coffee table I have been able to add in a lot more warm accents. Before with the wood table I kept a lot of our accent furniture and accessories white or light. With the new bright table, I really want to add in a rattan accent table. I love the offset of a crisp marble table with a more relaxed woven accent piece. I also love the gaint wood decorative beads I now have on top of a favorite coffee table book. I have been loving the wood garland accessory for a while, but just couldn’t pull it off until our new coffee table arrived.
Our other most recent addition happened this past weekend when I swapped out our large fiddle leaf fig tree for a more streamlined bird of paradise plant in a modern white planter. This has made a big difference in the living room and I am loving the combination of the plant and planter. A few other changes I have made are incorporating more vintage inspired textiles in our pillows and throws. I am really liking Chinese embroidered lumbar pillows in a fun color like pink to help offset all the blue going on.



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