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Some days I feel like I live in our tiny kitchen, so over the years I have complied a pretty diverse arsenal of must haves I stick to. When it comes to home items I get excited for everything. I mean everything from pretty hand soaps to a great scented countertop cleaner or new ceramic cookware, nothing is off limits. Because I get asked a lot of questions about products or items I rely on, I wanted to share my kitchen favorites for cooking, cleaning and accessorizing.

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You would think because I cook and bake so frequently that I have a closet full of fancy cookware (I wish!), but I have really just started to invest in classic pieces that will last for years to come. Cooking is an expensive hobby, so the way I approach cookware is to stick to well made brands with longevity. I use my Le Creuset Dutch Oven at least once a week for everything from one pot meals to soup and when cleaned properly this can last a lifetime. I also use a cast iron skillet a lot more than I used to. I love the way it cooks meat and vegetables and can transfer directly into the oven with ease. I recently replaced some of my glass baking dishes with a heavy duty ceramic option because I like the way it cooks around all of the contents and the food seems to have a more even consistency. At this point I don’t know what I would do without my KitchenAid mixer. It makes baking so much easier and even after eight years it is in perfect condition. Other cooking accessories I rely on are glass mixing bowls, long handled wooden spoons, non stick baking sheets and an array of ramekins to use for prep work or individual cooked items like chicken pot pie and mac & cheese.

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Our kitchen is so small you would think it’s always clean, yet somehow I feel like we clean it every single day. That is the one area Daniel and I are adamant about keeping clean because it is so obvious when its not. I oddly love purchasing cleaning supplies (I am well aware that this is not normal) and feel like I have gone through enough to know which ones really work. My mom and dad have always had a nice hand soap and dish in their kitchen and because I spend so much time in mine I like to have that small addition. Lets be real, I don’t always have a fancy dish soap so my other two favorites are this and this. Our countertops are essentially white plastic so it shows any spill really easily. I found this pack of microfiber cleaning cloths that are intended for different home surfaces works so well with this countertop spray. I corral all of my cleaning supplies in a large basket under the sink so I know where to find everything and I always have a notepad on hand to make a list of the items we are out of or the areas that need to be cleaned.

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Of course the accessories are one of my favorite parts of any room and the kitchen is no exception. We have minimal countertop space, but our open shelves and small built in have allowed me to put out some pretty details that make all the difference. I still love marble and wood cutting boards and like looking at mine so much I put it on the countertop to hold my salt bowl, olive oil and pepper. A pretty fruit bowl and soft dishtowels help to layer in more texture without being too cluttered.

Much like my office I dream of having a large open kitchen, but I have grown to love our little apartment kitchen with the help of some thoughtful details!

Top Photo by: Torrey Fox


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