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One of the hard things about living in a small apartment is over time I can get really bored with our space. My job requires me to look at gorgeous home inspiration day after day so it is not out of character to come home and want to change everything in our living room. Often, this longing to mix things up can leave me in a bit of design rut and instead of making some simple changes I just let things stay the same. We can’t exactly get a new sofa every six months, so I have found some quick fixes to make our space more exciting when it gets a little stale.

Rearrange Your Furniture 

I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I was a kid I constantly rearranged my furniture in my bedroom. I thought it was so exciting and even moving my bed to a new spot changed my whole mindset of the room. For some reason as an adult I dont tend to do this as much, but even swapping around some plants or side tables make a space feel fresh. I recently just switched the plants in our bedroom and living room and moved around some accent furniture and it felt so nice to come home to and instantly made me feel like I purchased new items.

Get New Art 

I don’t spend a lot of money on art for our apartment because it is one of the first things I get bored with. Adding new pieces of art can have a big impact on the space and it is usually pretty easy to move pieces around so nothing has to be thrown out. I recently replaced the large piece of art over our sofa for a picture ledge filled with smaller pieces. This simple change made that wall feel a lot different and helped bring that corner of the room to life a bit more.

Swap Out Accessories 

I love that we have so many pretty built in’s throughout the apartment, but with built in’s comes shelves that need to be filled. I like to change up the shelf styling every couple of months in the kitchen and the living room. Playing around with accessories you already have and occasionally adding in some new ones works wonders. In the kitchen I like to make a pretty little vignette with cookbooks, bowls of citrus and some tall branch arrangment to add different pops of color and a nice layering of height and texture.

The same goes for the books and details on our coffee table. I recently just took everything off to clean the table and decided I didn’t want to put the same things back on, so I laid out some accessories and new coffee table books and started slowly adding pieces back until is felt new.


This isn’t always a quick fix for everyone considering the amount of work that goes into painting, but it can drastically change your interior. When we first moved into our apartment we immediately went to work on painting the entire space one color (Droplets by Dunn-Edwards) Before we painted everything felt dingy and dirty and now it is much more cohesive. Painting a room or your whole apartment can bring new life to the space and hardly ever goes unnoticed. Sometimes painting something simple such as the back of your front door can make a big impact on your home.

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