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Lilacs in Bloom

Although peony season is in full swing, I can’t seem to get enough of lilacs. Not only do these flowers smell incredible, but I love how pretty they look cascading over a simple white vase. Lilacs can almost tangle over one another so I like to lay them out on a piece of newspaper and slowly trim down the ends and clean each stem up a bit before carefully arranging them in the vase. For this arrangment I actually used this kitchen crock because it was really wide at the top and allowed for everything to have room to move and not look super tight.

Lilacs can droop if the room is too warm (my kitchen basically becomes a sun room around 10am) so my tips for making them last long is to continually trim the stems at at 45 degree angle, make sure the water is clean and add new cold water as needed. Also keeping them in indirect sunlight will make them last much longer.

{outfit details – top, jeans, slides}

photography by Torrey Fox

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