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Coffee table books have quickly become one of the most asked about aspects of our living room. Presumably because I have so many and white built in shelves that display them well, but more and more I get asked about my favorite books. Not necessarily to read, but my favorite books to style with. Understandably so, when putting a book on a shelf, console or coffee table you want it to have an appealing spine or cover. I stick to mostly neutrals in my apartment, but have enjoyed adding in some colors with this punchy Louis Vuitton book and this very vibrant Ibiza cover.

I group books in like color categories, but throw in an occasional hint of color so nothing feels too neutral or too colorful. I have a post on some of my favorite neutral coffee table books which you can read here. However I wanted to share some more favorites from my collection that can help bring any table or shelf to life. Also remember I have an entire shop page dedicated to coffee table books which I add to just about every week, so be sure to check that out for more sources!


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