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Serena & Lily Memorial Day

Why Investing In Bedding Is Worth it

There truly is nothing like an incredibly comfy bed. I look forward to crawling into bed every night and miss my bed when I am on a vacation. It is my happy place where I find the maximum amount of comfort. The main component that makes my bed so wonderful is the bedding. For the longest time I didn’t put too much thought into my bedding. I would care about the style of the duvet cover and would get the Target organic sheets. The sheets were really soft, but didn’t do much to control temperature and didn’t last throughout the multiple washes bedding requires.

When I graduated college I started to gravitate towards all white bedding. I have talked about my love for white bedding in multiple posts and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. I find it so crisp and classic, it always looks good! I decided it was time to finally step up my bedding game and invest in some high quality pieces that I would have for years. I had long been drawn to white linen, but was looking for something a little less casual looking.

I was introduced to the Percale Collection from Serena & Lily and immediately knew I would never turn back. I had never tried percale bedding before which is a closely woven fine cotton that gets softer over time. I am not exaggerating when I say after one wash I couldn’t belive how soft they were and after hundreds of washes they have only gotten better. I literally slide my feet across the bed just to get the full effect of the smooth texture. Not only is this collection the softest I have tried, there is a lightness to it. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in the warmer months. We have the sheet set and the duvet cover all in the white color.

Although a lot of these products were gifted over time this is not a sponsored post. I have tried so many different types of bedding and this is hands down my favorite. Even Daniel commented and continues to rave about how soft and comfy our bed is. Bedding can be very expensive, but investing in high quality can make such a big difference in how you sleep. We started with the duvet cover and then the sheet set so you can break it up if it is too much of an investment at once. Just writing this post makes me want to burrow back in bed!


*bedding gifted by Serena & Lily

Photography by Torrey Fox

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