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When I did my Instagram Q & A last week a lot of you said you would like to see more about building out a capsule wardrobe. I don’t follow a true capsule wardrobe per se, but I have paired down my closet a lot over the past few years. Instead of reaching for fast […]

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Harlowe James began as a creative outlet to share my tricks to curating beautiful moments. After hundreds of requests, I'm so thrilled to announce that I am offering custom styling and design services, to bring that casual Harlowe James feeling to your home. From thoughtful one hour consultation calls to full service e-design styling services, Harlowe Studio is now a full service design house.

Available to Harlowe James readers around the globe, you can now book digital design services from a professional designer, complete with mood board, shopping list, Photoshopped design board, and even seasonal floral guides. With three packages to chose from, my styling services fit into any budget. Click below to learn more about Harlowe Studio!

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Hands down rugs are by far the item I get asked about the most. Almost every single day I have an email or an Instagram DM asking where a rug is from, if I have a good cheaper alternative and if I would recommend said rug. I have had just about every type of rug […]

It seems like it hasn’t stopped raining around here lately which has me craving warm spring days even more than usual. With spring on the horizon I am getting excited to start bringing back some entertaining posts. I am kicking it off with the launch of Anthropologie’s beautiful new home collection. Their dishes and accents […]

I have wanted to do a monthly recap for a while now. I feel like I am always eager to get on to the next month that I don’t take the time to recap what I liked about the previous. I also love the idea of recapping some of my favorite purchases of each month. […]

Happy March! I am so excited for a new month and a new Spotify playlist. As we inch closer to spring I am in full change of season mode. I am craving more upbeat songs to get me out of the winter blues (albeit very light in Northern California). We recently replaced all of our […]

Oh Nancy Meyers. The queen of cozy movie making that has become synonymous with all the interior design goals. She writes the only movies I have seen where the interiors can trump the all star casts and feel good story lines. Nancy Meyers and her team of set decorators, specifically Beth Rubino have been creating […]

I am so happy to be writing this post because it means I finally got it together and organized our bedroom closet. This has been a long time coming as we have been in our apartment over two years, but one of those annoying things I kept putting off. I went back and forth for […]

If you have been following me for a while now you know I get on these kicks when it comes to what I am inspired by. I don’t know if I have been watching too much Downton Abbey lately, but recently I can not get enough of the English countryside. I am so drawn to […]

I have done a few posts on coffee table styling in the past, but over the years I have really simplified what goes on our table. It pretty much always looks like different variations of the same thing with a couple building blocks that make it look styled, but easy to move around. Books are […]

I have gone back and forth with having a desk in our apartment a few times. We originally had one in the window, then the bedroom and then got rid of it completely. For a while I loved not having a workspace in the living room as it felt more open and looked a bit […]




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