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Happy September! With Summer coming to an end and stores filled with fall decor I can’t help but get excited for the upcoming months. However, I want to savor the last few weeks of Summer with simple dinner get togethers at home. I am all about easy entertaining and often get asked some of my favorite items for throwing an impromptu gathering. I rely heavily on an arsenal of entertaining accessories that make throwing together a small party or dinner a lot easier.

1. Marble Candle Holders, 2. Drink Dispenser, 3. Dinner Plates, 4. Miraval Rose, 5. Cheese Board, 6. Linen Napkins, 7. Flower Vase

Unless it is a holiday or some fancy occasion I like to keep things very casual and comfortable. I use a lot of the same pieces at various events and just style them differently so nothing ever looks exactly the same. On the table I love to spread out a couple of chunky marble candle holders paired with a mixture of tall and short floral arrangements.

Two things I use all the time are large white linen napkins and a glass drink dispenser. The napkins are a classic design and work for every holiday. I usually put ice water with slices of fresh fruit in the drink dispenser when having people over and it gets emptied right away. Another good thing to have on hand at all times is a chilled bottle of wine or something for making easy cocktails. I love not having to go buy bottles of alcohol when people are coming over, but just throw some in the fridge.

Wooden boards are a staple for me because I use them so frequently. They are great for making a large cheese platter and to serve food on. I love having a cheese board with fresh fruit, bread and crackers right when people walk in the door. To set the scene and not mess around with a bunch of appetizers. I would love to hear some of your entertaining recommendations!


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