By The Sea

Bodega Bay is less than an hour drive from my house, but evokes a totally different feeling. Nestled along the Sonoma Coast the seaside town is tiny, but beautiful. There isn’t a lot to do but I love going out there to eat lunch, go hiking or just walk around by the water. Every time I take a trip to Bodega Bay I have to stop at Patrick’s Salt Water Taffy to take a photo at the pink and white striped exterior. I also can’t leave before loading up on all of my favorite taffy.

The extensive taffy flavors at Patrick's  The extensive taffy flavors at Patrick’s

Bodega Bay is perhaps most famous for the the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds, but the recognizable school house and church are actually located in Bodega. This is a ten minute drive inland from the coast. The downtown is practically dedicated to Hitchcock and the Bodega Country Store has the largest collection of The Birds memorabilia anywhere. Half of the store looks like a museum that pays homage to the director and the movie.


We went home through Sebastopol which is an adorable town in Sonoma County. One of my favorite things about Sebastopol is The Barlow, a collection of restaurants, breweries, shops and art galleries. It is a great place to have lunch or a glass of wine and walk around. I love stopping at California Sister floral shop and Sebastopol Kitchen + Table.

Sebastopol Kitchen + Table  Sebastopol Kitchen + Table

The gorgeous displays at California Sister  The gorgeous displays at California Sister


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