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Entertaining Favorites for Thanksgiving

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Although I don’t have the stress of hosting as we will be going to my parents house, I still feel like the end of November just crept up on me. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays due to its cozy feeling, plethora of food and desserts and quality time with family. Whether you are hosting or attending a Thanksgiving dinner you will inevitably need some essential entertaining pieces. If you are like me and waited until the last minute this year, have no fear! Sometimes I actually prefer to procrastinate getting holiday decor because then it goes on major sale.

I have compiled some of my favorite entertaining items (most of which are on sale) to make your table or home more festive this holiday season. When attending Thanksgiving dinner as a guest it is crucial to bring a gift if you are not brining a dish. I love the idea of brining a nice bottle of wine, but instead of putting it in a wine bag buy a nice wine chiller. The wine stays cold and the host has something to keep when you leave. Another thing I like to bring the host or hostess is some sort of candy for them to keep or to be set out. These are highly addicting, as is the William Sonoma Pumpkin Brittle.


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