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Even though it has been a month since we ended our trip in Vermont, I still think of it every other day. I shared my favorite spots in Woodstock, but we drove the state East to West and top to bottom, so I saw more than I thought we would given the time we were there. We made a lot of pit stops at farms, barns, fruit stands or any place that looked liked a chance for a photo opportunity. Although Woodstock had so much to offer in such a small town, all of these places were equally beautiful and charming.

White Mountain National Forrest 

We started our trip in Maine and decided to take the longer route to Vermont so we could drive through the White Mountain National Forrest in New Hampshire. This was one of our better decisions as the trees were really changing colors in the mountains. The temperature was noticeably colder and in some stretches and the sky got dark and grey, but it added to the intrigue of this area. I felt like a wild animal was going to walk across the road at any point, so we were constantly on the lookout. Take advantage of the pull outs and ample places for photos! new4

A rest stop with sweeping views



Shelburne, Vermont

We stayed in Burlington for a night which is located on the banks of Lake Champlain, but I was much more excited to go to Shelburne as we made our way south. Shelburne is famed for its farms and apple orchard as well as being an education center for sustainability. There is a lot to see, so we stuck to Shelburne Orchards and Shelburne Museum. At the orchard you can pick apples, buy pumpkins for making pie and get a bag of apple cider donuts.




Weston, Vermont

I had a large checklist of places I wanted to see on this trip, but I was very eager to see the Vermont Country Store in Weston. I was elated when I walked through the door. It was like stepping back in time to an old general store that was piled high with everything from candy to clothes, toys and bedding. The store is much bigger than it looks on the outside and the grounds are beautiful. There is a place to eat lunch, a large gazebo to sit in and watch the leaves and an old truck filled with pumpkins, a very popular spot for taking pictures. Weston is tiny, but of course has a signature white steeple church and charming houses everywhere you look. I am already planning my next trip to Vermont! I would love to go around Christmas time to see all of the festive decor.






  1. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you Lauren! It was the most beautiful trip, I highly recommend it!

  2. Major heart eyes for all of the amazing Vermont imagery here…what a PERFECT fall backdrop! I need to go to the east coast in the fall time!

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