Creating A Simple Wreath

As much as I love creating colorful floral arrangements, once in a while I like to dial it back a bit and make a simple wreath. Our front door is in bad shape and since we can’t paint the pealing wood I thought adding a nice textured wreath would bring a little life to our doorstep. Many people associate wreaths with Christmas time, but there are a lot beautiful variations that you can create year round. I love that wreath making is very affordable and that they last a lot longer than flowers.



Wreath Frame (I used a 12″ because our entry is small, but 18″ is a great size too)

Wire Cutter or Sharp Floral Scissors

Floral Wire

Mixed Greens Bunch (Safeway and Trader Joes have great options for under $5, how many you need depends on the size of the bunch and the wreath size you choose. I used two medium sized bunches for a 12″ wreath and added some small white stock flowers for an extra three dollars)

Gloves optional; I find it harder to wrap the branches when wearing gloves, but wrapping wire will definitely take a toll on your fingers after a while so this is just a personal preference.

Step 1: I like to lay out a couple of garbage bags and spread out my greens so I can see the varying leaf styles and color. Start with the thinest of the bunch (they usually wrap the easiest) and gently bend it into place around the frame. Cut small pieces of the wire and wrap it around until the leaves are fixed tightly to the wreath frame. Don’t worry about the wire showing at this stage it will be completely covered as you start to add more layers of greenery.

Step 2: Repeat the first steps on the different layers of the wreath frame working your way towards the middle. The leaves don’t all have to be the same on each layer you can just pick and choose based on the size that works best.

Step 3: Once the four layers have been initially wrapped, start layering in more leaves by inserting them into the empty gaps and fixing to the back with wire. I like to cut shorter pieces of greenery and fill in any areas that are looking a bit empty or uneven.

Step 4: Once all of your greens are in place and tightly secured you can add in additional flowers or a singular flower on one side. I added a single white rose and didn’t even attach it to the wreath, but just wedged it between the greens. This helps offset all of the green and bring in a soft texture.

The most important thing with wreath making is to just have fun! It by no means has to look perfect and often look cool and rustic when they are a bit messier.

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