Updated Easter Florals

Before you know it, Easter will be upon us. Although Easter is not one of my all time favorite holidays, I do like the spring feeling that comes along with it. I think spring is one of the best times of year for bright and playful floral arrangements and for this I wanted to create something that didn’t include tulips or too much pink. I headed to the San Francisco Flower Mart to get an array of florals and focused on keeping everything pretty neutral with a hint of a warm color and varying textures.

I knew I wanted the orange garden roses the moment I saw them. Garden roses are quickly becoming my favorite flower and might even be surpassing peonies. They offer so much fluffiness and I thought the color was a great alternative to pink or yellow. To balance out the tightness of the roses I incorporated some white ranunculus and white anemones. Anemones come in an array of colors, but I love white with the striking black center. I felt like this added a nice contrast to the whole arrangment.

To finish off everything I added in some woodsy branches that looked like something you would find in the ocean. I did one large arrangment, but these would also look great as a cluster of small arrangements on an Easter brunch table. I cut all of the stems at varying heights and opted not to tape the vase as there were enough stems to keep everything standing up nicely.

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