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How to Make A Small Office Work

Our apartment fits us perfectly, but the one downfall is the lack of a second bedroom to be used as an office. When we first saw this place I knew we could create a makeshift office space because the living room is plenty big, but it meant we had to be a little more organized. Now that I work from home so much I have figured out a few solutions that work for me to create a beautiful and functional small workspace.

Keep Accessories to a Minimum: If you remember my old desk area it was filled with everything from visual inspiration to every marker I could ever use. Now that space is limited keeping accessories minimal on and around my desk makes it look more streamlined. I stick to a few decorative accents like stacked books or a great scented candle, but mostly just the necessities I use everyday.

Utilize Space Wisely: My desk only has one small drawer which meant organization was key to keeping clutter to a minimum. Obviously I can’t keep everything I need in one small drawer, but it fits a lot more than it seems when approached the right way. I used to keep a lot of my papers in binders, but because they take up so much space I now stick to flat folders and clear plastic covers to corral items like receipts, business documents and bills.

Don’t Be Afraid to Throw Things Away: I am a big fan of my scanner and dropbox. I hate clutter so holding on to old paperwork drives me crazy and takes up way too much space. I keep a lot on my computer, but feel better having organized files on my dropbox of scanned images I may need later. Keeping digital copies of everything enables me to make do without a filing cabinet. If you don’t have room for a scanner like me, do yourself a favor and get the Turboscan app, it is so easy to use and works just like a regular scanner!

Baskets Are Great Storage Units: If you look at one picture of my apartment, chances are you can spot some sort of basket in the background. I use them for so many purposes, but one of the most common is for office storage. Because my desk is so small I have a large woven basket next to it which holds my day planner, camera and magazines I pull inspiration from. I think they look better than a rolling cabinet and can hold a lot more than it looks. We also have tall baskets on the lowest shelves of our built ins which hold chunkier items like notebooks, business reading books and computer chargers.

Seamlessly Blend Into the Rest of Your Space: I didn’t want my desk area to stick out like a sore thumb in our living room so I stuck to very basic and neutral pieces that just sort of blend in with the rest of the space. The white desk and white chair situated underneath the window are not as noticeable as say a larger chair or darker desk. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with blending pieces nicely will help them to almost disappear, but still create a functional workspace.

Of course I long for the day where I can have walls filled with inspiration and built ins hoarding all my photoshoot props, but for now I have to make do with what we have. Even though I don’t have a dedicated office area, I still feel like it works well for what I do and forces me to be totally on top of my organization game!

All Photos By: Torrey Fox

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