My Favorite Brunch Spots

A long leisurely Sunday brunch is something I don’t do nearly enough, but it’s one of those activities that I long for just about every weekend. The Bay Area has no shortage of fantastic brunch spots and I have made my way to quite a few of them. Of course some places I love more for the atmosphere than the food, but all of these places have a dish that I crave. I love going to brunch in Marin and sitting some place by the water, but there are also so many good picks in San Francisco as well. If you live locally or are visiting and looking for a great brunch here is a list of my top recommendations.


Le Garage (Sausalito) This is one of my favorite places to go with my family or anyone visiting Sausalito. It is the perfect Marin setting, situated on the harbor next to all of the gorgeous docked boats. I definitely recommend waiting for a table outside. Favorite Dishes: The brioche French toast and waffles with Nutella are both heavenly.

Salito’s (Sausalito) Another great location right on the water, this expansive interior has the prettiest views and serves breakfast all day. Favorite Dishes: They offer a large array of popular omelets, but of course I gravitate towards the pineapple rum french toast.

Sam’s Cafe (Tiburon) Sam’s is a Bay Area staple and a place my parents have been going to for over 20 years. Even on a foggy morning I recommend sitting outside to take in the full effect of the large deck and gorgeous surrounding views. This is a very popular spot as the ferry from San Francisco takes you right to downtown Tiburon. Favorite Dishes: I love their pancakes and the steak sandwich with caramelized onions.

Kitchen Sunnyside (Mill Valley) This has got to be one of my favorite breakfast/brunch places strictly for the food. They have such a large menu and everything I’ve had is delicious. Favorite Dishes: The chicken stone pot is absolutely one of my favorite meals. It comes in a giant sizzling stone pot that keeps the food piping hot the entire time you’re eating.

The Hummingbird (Fairfax) I love going to brunch in Fairfax and although the Hummingbird is very small they have a wonderful menu with a hint of Southern flair. Favorite Dishes: The buckwheat waffle and the powdered sugar beignets are definitely my top picks.

San Francisco

Rose’s Cafe (Cow Hollow) Located on trendy Union Street, Rose’s is just as popular for their adorable outdoor seating as for the food. This is a great place to take photos (all of the photos in this post are at Rose’s) and enjoy a beautiful city day outside. Favorite Dishes: I like to get the assortment of house made baked goods for the table (they are all delicious) and their crispy potatoes.

Balboa Cafe (Cow Hollow) Balboa is just around the corner from Roses’s, but has a much different atmosphere. This is not a place to count calories because they have a hearty menu. Favorite Dishes: The buttermilk fried chicken sandwich and the baked french toast.

The Presidio Social Club (The Presidio) I don’t think theres anything I don’t like to eat here. My brother used to live right next door so we would frequent often and it quickly became one of my favorites. Favorite Dishes: I love their Aperol Spritz and the macaroni and cheese is one of the best in the city (trust me, I’ve tried a lot)

Boulettes Larder (Ferry Building) Even though the Ferry Building can be a bit of a tourist trap, I still love to go there. It’s fun to walk around and even better to stop and get Sunday brunch. This is more of a fancy, special occasion brunch as it is a bit pricy, but the interior is gorgeous and the food is great. Favorite Dishes: The beignets (are you sensing a trend.. I clearly love friend dough) and the assorted fruit plate.

Delucchi (North Beach) Brunch in North Beach is always a good time. On a beautiful day, I love to sit outside and take advantage of the neighborhood and Delucchi is a perfect spot. I love their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but a weekend brunch offers a variety of great dishes. Favorite Dishes: The chorizo pizza (I don’t like eggs or sour cream so I omit that), blueberry pancakes and southern biscuits.


We are lucky to have so many great dining options in this area, so this is really just scratching the surface of my favorite spots. I would love to hear some of your favorites too!

all photography by Torrey Fox



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