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I go through a lot of beauty products and as much as I like to stick to my arsenal of favorites I find myself constantly trying out new items. I wanted to start sharing some of the monthly purchases I make that I really like. This past month I was determined to get a new foundation after using up the one I had used for years. As we head into the colder months I needed something that would feel a little dewier on my skin and not so cakey. I also needed a great hand moisturizer because I hate that feeling of perpetually dry hands and my cuticle always seem to get so much worse in fall. Here are all of my monthly beauty buys for October.

Monthly Beauty Buys

Aesop Hand Balm I have been a huge fan of Aesop for years and although this isn’t the first time I’ve purchased this product I now can’t seem to use anything else. It has become a true staple in my everyday bag for helping heal dry hands while smelling incredible. I love that Aesop scents aren’t overly perfumey or artificial, but make your skin feel moisturized and clean. I’ve tried other hand creams since and nothing quite holds up to this because I hate that greasy feeling left behind with so many other hand balms.

Butter Nail Polish It seems I am always on the hunt for a perfect red nail polish. Even though I hardly buy nail polish anymore as I love to get a gel manicure, having a classic red polish on hand is great. When I spotted Come to Bed Red from Butter, I knew I didn’t need a $14 nail polish, but that it would be used again and again. The red tone compliments my skin so well and is a great holiday/year round color.

Chanel Sublimage Foundation This was an absolute splurge purchase, but once the woman at the Chanel counter applied it on my face I knew I had to have it. Foundation is tricky for me as I don’t wear that much, but I have fair skin and get red splotches on my face so I like to make everything even. A lot of foundations I used in the past made it look like I was wearing makeup and tinted moisturizer just didn’t do enough to even out my skin tone. The sublimage makeup has the creamiest consistency I have ever seen and actually feels like it moisturizes my skin more than my actual moisturizer. It goes on so smooth and all I use is a few small spots under my eyes and larger spots on my cheeks where I tend to get more red. This is an expensive product, but you can tell the quality is incredible and it comes with a beautiful Chanel application brush which gives a flawless finish.

Juice Beauty Serum I may be turning 27 this weekend, but that doesn’t stop me from getting breakouts still. I definitely get stress acne on my chin and can feel blemishes popping up when I’m not eating as healthy as I should be. I started using this serum and cleanser from Juice beauty and have noticed a difference in just a couple weeks. My breakouts seem to be a bit more minor (and It’s definitely not because my stress levels have done down) I use both the cleanser and a few drops of the serum morning and night and just apply my moisturizer directly after.

Tarte Blush To be honest, I didn’t actually purchase this blush I got it as the Sephora birthday gift, but I am very happy I did. I love the soft rose color and because it is so light I can wear it everyday without looking overly made up. It leaves a very natural flushed look without being glittery (the worst!)

I can’t wait to share more monthly purchases with you, not limited to beauty products. I am always trying something new and random whether it be a pot for cooking or a good comfy pair of socks!



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