Thanksgiving Inspired Floral Arrangment

I can’t believe it’s November! I feel like I say that every single month, but this year is flying by so quickly it is really hard to keep up. It’s hard to see stores filled with Christmas decorations already, although I love Christmas so much, Thanksgiving always seems to get lost in the shuffle. I really like to savor fall and enjoy every bit of the season we get before winter begins.

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it so I wanted to share a festive floral arrangement that would make the perfect centerpiece on a Thanksgiving table. Florals are my favorite part of any holiday spread and there are some great in season stems out right now. I used a combination of dahlias, long leaf branches, orange calla lilies and celosia in a deep red color. This layering of florals in a bronze vase felt elegant, but still had a rustic edge.

The key to making an arrangment work is creating a tape grid. I tend to not use the flower foam at the bottom of the vase when the arrangment is this short and just create a simple grid with scotch tape to hold everything in place. Once you have the grid in place you can start filling in the pieces little by little and rotating the vase to make sure all the sides look even. I like to start with the heavier flowers such as the leaves and dahlias and then fill in all of the holes with skinnier pieces as I go.

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  2. […] A Thanksgiving-Inspired Floral Arrangement – Harlowe James […]

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