Ikea Billy Review

After posting some videos of this Ikea piece to my Instagram two weeks ago, I received so many questions asking what type of cabinet it was and if I could share some more photos with you. Just to recap, Daniel and I share a very small closet and we really weren’t maximizing the storage space which constantly left it feeling cluttered and hard to access all of our items. We decided it was time to get a stand alone cabinet for our bedroom which could house all of my folded items, shoes and bags – giving him much more room in our existing closet.

I didn’t want something too deep as the cabinet is directly across from our bed and we need a clear pathway. I decided on the Billy bookcase, which is the same one we have in our kitchen. The Billy is one of Ikea’s best selling pieces and for good reason, at a little over $300 it looks really well made. We got the double Billy to maximize storage and settled on the option with the half glass, half panel door. I am loving all of the extra space I have for my clothes and think it makes a great addition style wise to our bedroom!

{I updated the cabinets with these pretty pulls}

photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Kk says:

    Hi! Would you say these Billy bookcases are a bright white color or a cream color?

  2. Lily says:

    Hey Chrissy! Would you mind sharing your shoe size please? I would like to get a small Billy but not sure it will be wide enough for my husbands shoes with the closing door option.

    Kindest regards

  3. Kathryn says:

    Hey Chrissy! I’ve been creeping your Instagram and website for more pictures of your bedroom as I’m thinking of replacing a dresser with tall cabinets like the Billy or maybe Hemnes to maximize storage AND cover an awkward feature in the wall. Curious if you have drawers anywhere else in the room? This would also house my socks, underwear, etc. I’m a millwork designer myself but even I’m hesitating to pay custom for what I would want 🤪

    • Hi Kathryn! We actually no longer have the Billy and have since switched back to a standard dresser. While I did LOVE the amount of storage it provided, we didn’t have any drawers in addition to it, so I was constantly folding and trying to keep it tidy. It was very nice though for shoes, etc.!

      • Kathryn says:

        Chrissy! I don’t think I ever saw your reply and I just circled back to your post as I’m still mulling over making a change in my own space. Really appreciate your feedback!

        • Hi Kathryn,

          Of course! I have used the Ikea Pax with clients and although it is much deeper than the Billy – I love that it offers different interior solutions such as drawers or hanging space and a ton of custom features to make it your own : )

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  6. Chrissy McDonald says:

    I love that idea Alyssa! I have an all glass one in my kitchen and use it for pretty dishes and cookbooks.

  7. I debated built ins for awhile but couldn’t stomach the price this is a great alternative for our little inlet area. I may display books and other items!

  8. Chrissy McDonald says:

    I’m so glad Kelly! It definitely adds a cool touch to the room!

  9. Kelly says:

    Thank you SO Much for sharing!! I was planning on getting the IKEA tall dresser as we have the same issue but this is a much more stylish and practical!!

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