Finding Small Joys

I will preface this post by saying I really had no intention of publishing it. I wrote it more for myself, but in the name of being transparent thought it might be helpful to share. I feel as though so many of us struggle with the same things and the sole reason I started this blog was to open up conversations and inspire others, but that is not always as curated as a pretty tablescape or home vignette. Lately I have been dealing with the overwhelming struggle of judgment. Not so much of other people, but judgment I put on myself.

I have tried to be very open in the past because it seems to be a common thread with the increase of social media running our lives. Judgement is rampant and almost feels like it is embedded in our makeup. I spend so much time a day on the internet that my brain has been polluted with images of what I should look like, should be doing and should own. Of course my own anxiety runs deeper because I never want to feel like my blog is the cause of those feelings for someone else. In order to combat some of these feelings I have been trying to make some big changes and alter the way I go about certain things.

Social media can often feel like a black hole, so I immediately decided to spend less time on Instagram and Pinterest per day. The less I focus on pretty pictures and more on things going on in my own life – the more present and content I feel. The other thing I am dedicated to doing this year if to find simple joys and seek out new things that make me happy. Lately I have been doing things how I used to, solely for me and not to share on social media. This might sound insane because I have a blog centered on showcasing photos of my life and my home, but I didn’t want to feel like I needed outside validation to like what I was doing or doing something for the sake of sharing.

Now I look forward to activities I would never share on social media like journaling, going on a long walk with a good podcast or taking photos that (GASP!) I don’t publish on Instagram. Obviously not everyone who will read this has a blog or is as inthralled with social media, but I truly feel it is a generational issue that I discuss often with friends. For me personally I have a tendency to feel stalled. I live in an extremely expensive area, so buying a home isn’t something that would happen anytime soon. I do want to get married, but I also would like to have my own career a bit more figured out and children quite honestly sound like the most terrifying life step ever. I’ll be twenty eight this year, which is still incredibly young but because I compare myself to others somehow I can feel behind. I wrote this post in the hopes that someone would find comfort in knowing so many of us are in the same situation and despite what I post on social media I feel the same insecurities and am constantly learning as I go.

I have been so inspired by the conversations I have with my friends and the women I have met through blogging or even when people send me a message on Instagram. I often forget the importance of taking a bit of a break from the pretty pictures and starting more of a dialogue. I continue to pour so much of myself into Harlowe James with the hopes that if nothing else something I post will make you feel inspired for a few minutes out of your busy day. I encourage you all to take some time to figure out the small changes you can implement in your life that spark joy and make you feel happy!

{other small joys include splurging on a beautiful new candle, deep cleaning my living room, cracking open a new book/magazine, having a meal where I leave my phone at home and immerse myself in that moment, starting to go on hikes again – something I used to do often, taking some sort of class – cooking is high on the list}

Photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you Amy! It can be so tough, but it helps to just start somewhere. Thank you so much for following along!

  2. Amy Johnson says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing. You’ve inspired me to to try the same approach. I’ve been stalling to post blogs and it can be crippling. Here I go !


  3. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you so much Linnea! Definitely found so many of us are in the same situation which is so helpful to know!

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  5. This was so inspirational, and definitely relatable! Thank you for being so transparent, it helps knowing we’re all in the same boat with our insecurities! ❤ ❤

  6. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you so much Leah!! I have found it is definitely about finding a balance and stepping away from the computer/phone sometime! : )

  7. Leah says:

    What a beautiful post. Very relevant and honest. Sharing beautiful photos is something I enjoy doing too but as you say sometimes it can seem as though it’s for the purpose of others. It’s lovely to keep some special just for you. Thank you for a lovely read x
    (Leah at blushcottagex)

  8. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you so much for reading Kayla!

  9. Kayla says:

    I’m in the process of doing the same. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you so much Gaby! I definitely think it is part of the times/my age. I appreciate all of your sweet words!

  11. Gaby says:

    Comparing myself to others and feeling stalled is also something I have struggled with, especially as I was turning 28! Thank you for sharing this post! It is super inspiring and refreshing to see the hustle and struggle of bloggers! Keep up the great work! ????????

  12. Chrissy McDonald says:

    Thank you so much Ashley!

  13. Ashley says:

    I absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing!

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