Easy Summer Salad

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am craving lighter meals that have a quick prep time. Salads are always a good option and something I should eat more of, but I often get bored of the recipes I rotate through. I made this easy summer salad playing around with ingredients we had in the fridge and loved the final result. It is so easy to alter and change up with different ingredients, but I love the combination of flavors in this one.

Summer Salad 

1 bunch baby arugula

1 cup shredded (or sliced) carrots

1 small piece of ginger – minced

1/2 shallot – chopped

1/3 cup green onions – chopped

1/3 cup cilantro – chopped

sprinkle of sesame seeds

Avocado sliced

Dressing: Combine 4 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. fresh lime juice salt and pepper

Combine all ingredients and toss with dressing, Gently mix in avocado slices and top with fresh cracked pepper

photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Chrissy McDonald says:

    So glad you liked it, love a good easy recipe!

  2. Barry McAvoy says:

    Excellent recipe !!! We made this and it was great !!!

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