My Kitchen Favorites {Updated}

There are certain items in our kitchen that I couldn’t function as easily without especially when it comes to cooking and baking. I like to keep an organized kitchen, but day to day life makes cabinets messy and drawers filled with clutter we don’t need. Recently I went through a cleaned out a bunch of kitchen items I no longer use and realized I have had some pieces for a really long time. It is easy to get sucked into gimmicky products (hello individual pie maker) but because our kitchen is so small it is crucial we have products that are multi functional or at least practical. I did a post similar to this last year, but I wanted to do an updated version with items I use weekly.

I have gotten some questions about our spice canisters and glass jars I use for baking. I got the spice jars and used an old school label maker to note what everything is. I love this label maker and use it for everything from dry goods to snacks. Another staple I get a ton of use out of is our Nutri Bullet because I can make my morning smoothie with it or use it as more of a food processor to make pesto and salsa. It is such a space saver not having a large blender and food processor, plus it comes with multiple attachments and is easy to clean.

Speaking of pesto, we like to keep fresh herbs in the kitchen and just about all year long we have a basil plant. I feel like anytime I buy the small plastic containers at the grocery store they go bad quickly, so its great to have a plant on hand. I place mine in a large utensil crock to make it a pretty addition to the kitchen counter. One of my favorite baking essentials is a Silpat mat. I find that they work so much better (and are less wasteful) than parchment paper and can be washed easily. They are perfect for cookie sheets and never burn the bottom of anything!

Glass Jars, Kitchen AidContainers, Le Creuset, Cutting Boards, Dish Towel, Counter Spray, Dish Soap, Tomato Leaf Candle, Ramekins, Weck Jar, Crock, Ikea Billy, Marble Dish, Shears, Nutri Bullet, Baking Mat, Decorative Bowl


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