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Over this past month I have been thinking a lot about about Harlowe James and the future I see for this site. What started out as a reprieve from a job I was really not loving turned into something so much bigger than I could have imagined. While still a very small following in comparison to others, I really do feel proud of everything I have been able to publish over the last two years. Just like anything it is important to reevaluate and take a step back to see what it is you like and what you would do differently.

Over the weekend I got an Instagram message that honestly brought tears to my eyes. This person took the time to reach out and let me know she was grateful for my posts simply because they made her feel normal for being at home on the weekends instead of jetting off to some far away place or out at a swanky party (totally paraphrasing). It seemed like such a small thing, but I think so many of us are in the same boat these days in regards to social media.

It often feels like a never ending one sided competition of who has more, goes on better trips or all round leads a seemingly more curated life. I often find myself saying out loud.. when did everyone get so rich? It seems like things that used to be such a luxury are completely commonplace that it almost makes them less exciting and frankly can be exhausting to look at. I often find myself in this weird limbo because this blog has become apart of my job and I only ever share things I truly love, but I never want to feel like I am pushing people to consume more or making them feel less than by sharing. My goal is always to inspire and present ideas in ways that are easy to recreate at home and don’t always have to cost a lot of money. I do like expensive things, but will always try and balance that out with cheaper options.

That being said, I really did create this site to get a sense of community. I absolutely love getting emails or DM’s on Instagram from some of you asking for advice or simply stopping by to say hi! I will always share curated images in hopes to inspire, but I also would like open up a bit more of a dialogue. One of my favorite things in life is to give advice – whether over a breakup, easy tricks I’ve found to deep clean your kitchen, how to decorate on a budget – whatever it is I often have unsolicited advice to give out. I am no expert on anything, but I feel like I have accumulated a lot of insight through life experiences. Things like dealing with anxiety without taking medication, changing your diet for low thyroid. Whatever it is I want to open the gates up with a new series called Lets Get Personal. If you have any questions or a topic you would like to bring up to discuss further please send me an email or fill out the form on my contact page. I want to get a lot of you involved not just my own two cents. So many of us are going through the same daily struggles and it can be very helpful and comforting to just talk about it. I love hearing from you and am excited to open up the conversation a little more.

As always thank you so much for following along!



  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Chrissy. I recently found your blog through your feature on The Everygirl. I love the work that you are doing on your blog, and was so happy to stumble upon this post. I always love it when bloggers get real with their readers. It’s not always easy opening your heart and being vulnerable. I totally get that feeling of competition and comparison. It sometimes brings me down when I see other bloggers achieving a greater level of success. It’s important to remember that it’s a marathon not a race πŸ™‚

  2. Katie M says:

    Thank you, just thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Kirstin K says:

    First time to your blog and I think it was meant to be. I really needed to hear this today – and the “when did everyone get so rich?” hits home. It’s a constant competition in my neighborhood. This post was a good reminder that I need to sit back and relax and learn to enjoy what I have. It’s hard not to constantly want what others have. But I need to remind myself (and my children) we don’t know what others life circumstances are, how much credit card debit they have, or how much they are enjoying what they have. I am now a follower of your blog! I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Chrissy McDonald says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by Kristin! It is so hard not to compare, but it is so true we don’t what anyones circumstances really are. I will definitely be posting more based on all of the great feedback I got!

  4. Beth Jamieson says:

    Great post. So true. I enjoy your blog and Instagram because not only do I appreciate your sense of style but I also feel like there’s something genuine and sincere about you which is important to me.

  5. AndreaJane says:

    I love all that you share – including the consumable inspiration but what really keeps me coming back (to both the blog and Instagram) are the vistas. The early morning views of our beloved city on the bay, the fog, the tucked away picnic spots, the music you share – nothing consumerism about any of them. Just keep doing what you are doing – it is lovely and appreciated.

    • Chrissy McDonald says:

      Hi Andrea,

      I am so happy you appreciate that! Those really are my favorite moments and I am glad we share that. Thank you so much for following along : )

  6. I fully agree with your words here. I keep thinking Going back and forth on giving up blogging, just because I don’t want to push people towards consumerism. I do love fashion and style, and that’s my weakness, but I don’t want to tell people that they NEED this or that constantly! I enjoy creating my own little space though and working on something that’s mine, and that’s why my blog is still up. But we all need to become more mindful of what we out out there – I’m still learning how to do that. Thank you for bringing up topics like this, we all need to be realistic and lose the “fairy-tale” lifestyle.

    – BloomingMagnoliasBlog.com.

    • Chrissy McDonald says:

      Hi Em!

      I really do think it is about creating a balance. It is human nature to want things and to consume so there is never anything wrong with sharing, but balancing that out with more honest conversations/topics. I am so happy you did not give up blogging and hope you continue to create content that you love!


  7. Nealy says:

    Yes, love your thoughts and new direction β€” how did everyone get so rich?! Funny, but true. Thank you!

  8. Anastasia says:

    As always Chrissy, your thoughts seem to run parallel to mine – you’re just quicker to acknowledge them + act upon it. “When did everyone get so rich” hits so close to home. I spent more this week online shopping than I have in any 3 month period over the last two years. And I didn’t get more rich. I just felt the need to keep up. Thank you for reminding me that not only is it unnecessary for myself – it’s unnecessary and unfair to my followers. There’s a fine balance I need to work on between staying motivated, always pushing forward/improving and being content + slowing down. Thank you, sweet friend. Your wisdom is profound.

    • Chrissy McDonald says:

      You’re amazing! It is so hard, but crucial to everything we do to stop and reassess every once in a while. I get so wrapped up in pushing out content and generating ideas that I can forget to ask myself if this is on par with my overall goal. As always you are an inspiration πŸ™‚

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