The Unavoidable Ceiling Fan


When designing a room there always seems to be one thing you have to work around. One of the biggest components I have seen and have had to deal with myself is the dreaded ceiling fan! I love the functionality of a fan, but they aren’t always the prettiest and seem to be far less popular than they once were. There are so many beautiful light fixtures that it can be hard to have a boring fan, but it can be a non negotiable. We live in a very small apartment with no air conditioning or any central air, so it is crucial we have a fan. It doesn’t even get that hot where we live, but on a hot day our apartment feels like a sauna and we need the fan to move around the stale air.

I was so bummed when we first moved in because Daniel quickly shot down my dream of having a pretty ceiling light as one of the focal points of the living room. I was dead set on getting rid of the fan, but because the apartment came with it I really didn’t want to get a light fixture just to buy a new fan when we moved out. We ultimately decided to upgrade the ceiling fan the apartment came with to a much more clean version (bye pull chain!) Although it doesn’t look the best in photos and it would be nice to have a cool element in the living room, I am so glad he made me keep it because it makes such a big difference. There are so many of you working with ceiling fans so I wanted to share some of my favorite rooms that utilized them perfectly in addition to sharing some of my all time recommendations for nice looking fans.

Totally blends into the ceiling {source: Emily Henderson }

The opposite approach, I LOVE a chic black ceiling fan. {source: Amber Interiors}

Playing with scale can make a fan more of a decorative aspect {source: Pinterest}

Mixing materials such as wood and metal {source: Studio McGee}


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