Changes I Made To My Skincare Routine

Oh, skin. The relationship so many of us have with our skin is a deeply personal and ongoing one that can have many ups and downs. I feel fortunate that for a majority of my life my skin was never something I gave much thought to. Although I longed for pretty olive skin that tanned in the summer instead of my pale complexion that burned, I never had a lot of skin problems. That was until I hit my mid twenties and everything changed. I started to develop Rosacea and became extremely flushed from the smallest things. A half a glass of red wine I turned a horrible shade of pink and it felt like anything I ate resulted in small bouts of acne. My complexion felt really uneven and because I have light freckles they started to feel more like dark spots, making my face look dull.

I have tried so many different versions of skin care routines, incorporating what I thought I should be using. I finally found a system that works really well for me by eliminating products I had been using for years and basically starting over from scratch. What I have found is skincare can be extremely expensive, but I am no longer fifteen and I only have one face so why wouldn’t I invest in what I am putting on my skin? In addition to changing up the products I’m using I am also trying to eliminate foods that cause inflammation. I drink a turmeric tea and take turmeric supplements that have made serious improvements to the Rosacea.

For the products I’m using the biggest change I have made is eliminating a moisturizer and only using a series of serums.  This definitely won’t work for everyone and I couldn’t fathom not using a moisturizer, but I felt like I was putting too many things on my skin causing flare ups. I was recently introduced to Cle de Peau, a company known for transforming the overall appearance of your skin. Their products come with a hefty price tag, but after using them on rotation for the past few weeks I can honestly say I have noticed a big difference in the dewiness of my skin. The only products I have been using are as follows in this order twice daily.

Kale cleanser (I only cleanse at night, I just splash water on my face in the morning), The Beaute Serum, Brightening Serum, IS Clinical Pro Heal Serum and top it off with small dabs of Brightening Eye Serum. I also spot treat for acne with this and use a lip mask every night especially in the winter. All of these products are pricey but you use such a small amount they last for quite a long time. Also I love a good face mask, but it took me a while to find one that didn’t irritate my skin. These sheet masks give off instant results and I love the creamy texture/calming aspect of this one.


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    Will definitely need to try these tips!

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