My Favorite Etsy Shops

Etsy has become one of my go to sources for cool, vintage home accessories. I get asked about my favorite sources for good pillows, rugs, artwork, etc. all the time and since a lot of it comes from Etsy I figured I would share a roundup of my favorite shops. Like anything Etsy can be hit or miss and as vintage decor has increased in popularity it gets harder to find some items as frequently. Not everything I purchase from them is vintage, they are also a great resource for new textiles. I will check certain shops about once a week when I am looking for a particular piece because most of them post new inventory often. I will also message a vendor if I don’t see exactly what I am looking for because a lot of the pillow shops can make something more custom or they have items not posted yet.


Boho Pillow, Spark Modern, Cloth & Main, My Haven Home, Motif Pillows, Homegirl Collection



OttomanHouse, Oldvinshop, Color Reform, Loom & Field, Drift Home Collection



Linda Renee Pottery, Brocante Moderne, Ethnic Origin Company, Chase Vintage, Chic Frangine

photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Kat D. says:

    Hi! I was trying to find your bedskirt in your “Shop” section under your Apartment, but I couldn’t find it! Could you share where it’s from? Thanks in advance! I know you likely get tons of questions like this! 🙂

  2. Jamie G says:

    Thank you for this! All lovely vendors!

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