Home Decor Q&A (Part II)

I get a lot of the same design based questions in emails and Instagram messages so I thought it would be helpful to create another post that is easy to reference. I am sure I will leave something out that I have been asked before, but feel free to send me a message if you have a particular question about a piece you have seen in our apartment and I can add it to the list! I will also save this on the home page of the blog to make it easy to access and as a highlight on Instagram.


Where is your couch from? What fabric is it? Do you like it and does it hold up well? 

We have the this sectional from West Elm in the stocked fabric Yarn Dyed Linen Weave – Shelter Blue. One of the most common questions I get asked is if the sofa holds up well and if I like it. I really love this couch especially for the price point. We bought it on sale so it was about $2,000 which is really inexpensive for a chaise sectional. The fabric is a twill so definitely not a soft linen, which I like because it doesn’t wrinkle when you sit on it. The cushions are not down, they are more of a poly so I fluff up the back cushions every week to keep them from looking frumpy. All in all we love the sectional and it fits perfectly in our living room. It is from West Elm so it is not the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on, but it also wasn’t $8,000. I love how deep it is and that it can fit a lot of people comfortably.

If you buy this sofa I highly recommend getting a fabric comb. The upholstery definitely pills and this helps to remove a lot of the fuzzy pieces.


Where is your coffee table from?

I originally bought our coffee table from Living Spaces, but they no longer carry it. I finally found another vendor who carries it so you can purchase it here. I change my mind on a lot of things, but I still LOVE This table!


Did you get a new rug?

I have been getting this one a lot in the past two weeks since I have shared snippets of my new rug on Instagram stories. I did in fact get a new rug to add a bit more texture to the space. I will be sharing more photos soon, but I absolutely love how it has transformed our living room. The rug is sold out right now, but they should be getting more in around mid November to early December. You can also get on the wailist and Lulu & Georgia will notify you when it comes back in stock.


Where are your curtains and bay window curtain rod from?

By far one of the most asked questions I get is where are our curtains from. Eventually if we move I will invest in something nicer, but these Target drapes work perfectly for now! We really only close the drapes in our bedroom, but I love the way they look in the bay window and they do block out enough light when we need them to. These are the curtain panels, regular rods and in the bay window we have this cool adjustable rod system which is great for keeping everything clean.


Where do you get all of you coffee table books?

I buy my books at a ton of different places, but I get a lot on Amazon. I like to pick up small books when I am on a trip and anytime I am in a new store I peruse the book section. In SF, Hudson Grace and St. Frank always have amazing selections that give me all the inspiration. I have a whole shop page dedicated to Coffee Table Books which you can find here. That shop has almost all of the books you will see around my apartment!


Are your plants real? Where do you get them? Does your cat eat them?

All of the plants in our apartment are real. The two major tall plants we have are a fiddle leaf fig tree and a bird of paradise. I got the fiddle leaf at Home Depot and the bird of paradise at the San Francisco Flower Mart. Any local flower mart is a great source for tall house plants and the staff is really knowledgeable about how to treat them. I have had a lot of luck with Home Depot as well and the price points can be a lot better there. Norman loves to dig in the plants so we have rigged a little system to keep him from doing that. Daniel took a plastic plant liner and cut a slit in the side, flipped it over and slid it around the base of the plant. This covers the dirt and we just flip it up when it needs to be watered.


Where do you get your art? 

I definitely don’t get art at one specific place and will actually be doing a more detailed post on this soon because it can be a quite lengthy. My two favorite photographs you see in the apartment (the Audrey Hepburn profile and Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra at the Masked Ball) are from a trip to Paris, but are very famous photographs and can most likely be purchased online. The “cat eye” piece in our gallery wall is from Jennifer Ament. She is one of my favorite artists and I actually plan to buy another piece from her shortly. I like to source from Etsy, One Kings Lane, McGee & Co, and Lulu & Georgia for other pieces. I also love flea markets for quirky art and rip a ton of pages out of my coffee table books and just frame them. Art should be fun! I recently just purchased this tea towel to frame for our kitchen. I also had my eye on this one.


What is your favorite candle?

I have gotten this a few times and oddly I find it impossible to answer. I don’t think I can confidently say I have a hands down favorite because I like so many for different reasons, but Jo Malone Orange Blossom is up there. It is great for all seasons and just lets off such a beautiful scent. You can see and shop all of my favorite candles in my apartment here.


If you are ever looking for specific pieces from our home the My Apartment tab on my shop page is a great resource. I try and link just about everything we have!

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