The Great Kitchen Cleanout

My goals for this year are a bit all over the place, but one of them is to be a lot more intentional about purchases and finally organize spaces that have needed work for a while. I am very clean by nature, but because we have minimal storage in our apartment our kitchen always seems to take the brunt of accumulated clutter.

We have drawers filled with office supplies that have no need to be in the kitchen and cabinets with food that should be tossed. This past weekend I finally deep cleaned the kitchen and realized I want the space feeling fresh again. I like when the built ins are styled and my prop closet is neat and accessible. I don’t want the kitchen to feel any different than the rest of our apartment and because I love cooking so much I want to get rid of clutter and add more special pieces that make it more enjoyable to spend time in.

Behind the cabinets it is all business. I recently found these from Ikea and love how they transformed items like pasta, rice and bread crumbs into pretty displays. For some reason the bamboo lids are not sold online in the US, but they had tons of them at my local store and offer a variety of storage sizes. I went with the glass storage containers because they look so nice and can be displayed outside of the pantry or in. I have also had my eye on some new glassware, a pretty candle and small accents that I think will help take our kitchen to the next level.

This is also perfect timing because McGee & CO. is offering 20% off all things organization using code FRESHSTART. I have had my eye on a few pieces from them.


  1. Kristin says:

    Would you mind posting a picture of your billy cabinet in your kitchen styled? Love all of your kitchen favorites!!

    • HI Krisitn!

      If you have Instagram I posted a couple videos yesterday showing the inside on my stories. It is tough to get good photos of the inside because of the angle, but I will be posting photos eventually when I organize the whole kitchen : )

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