Where I Shop For Decor (Locally)

I have been getting asked about my favorite places to shop for home decor more frequently so I figured it was time to finally do a post highlighting all of my go to haunts. Even though there are so many great places to shop online, for me, nothing beats discovering a local store with curated items. I often discover new product lines, a new candle scent and get to flip through certain books I wouldn’t have the chance to online. Most of my favorite local shops have a website, but I am also sharing my go to online resources for home goods!

Bay Area Home Stores

San Francisco


East Bay & Beyond

To see my favorite online shops click here

  1. Dianne says:

    I live locally and always discover a new shop from reading your favorites lists- THANKS! Thought you might like to check out a new shop in Larkspur called Westward Home.

  2. Hannah says:

    Love this list! I’m curious though, what have you ever gotten from Amazon, and how do you even shop it for home stuff?

    • Thanks Hannah!

      I buy a ton on Amazon and usually check there when I am looking for something in particular. Most of my coffee table books and candles are from Amazon. So are some of my art pieces, trays, throw blankets and table lamps. It is a great resource! They have a home decor and furniture tab, but I usually just type something into the search bar and look at the recommended pieces below an item I like.

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