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I have gone back and forth with having a desk in our apartment a few times. We originally had one in the window, then the bedroom and then got rid of it completely. For a while I loved not having a workspace in the living room as it felt more open and looked a bit more pulled together. However because I work from home a lot now (and because we dont have a dining table) I could no longer get by with sitting on the couch on my laptop.

Now I have really grown to love having a desk in our bay window and get excited to sit down to get work done in the mornings. I chose a desk with no storage and I did not want the living room to turn into an office so I chose to opt out of any rolling drawers. Instead I got a few perfect items from the container store and place all of my office supplies in one canvas bin in our hall closet. An efficient workspace can be super simple and I stick to a few staple items to keep mine in order.

This vintage stool is the perfect spot to set my laptop on when it is plugged into my monitor or for some fresh greenery. Of course I always love to add a stack of pretty books for extra height and contrast.

I definitely have a weakness for a pretty agenda. This one by Sugar Paper is one of my favorites to buy every year. I love the linen cover and the pages are laid out perfectly for both monthly and day to day.

For organization, I use these clear pouches for just about everything. I have one for pens, receipts, my checkbooks, etc. They are the perfect thin structure so you can easily place them side by side in one of these bins. For all my misc. paperwork I prefer binders over folders. I have a work binder and a house binder with different collated tabs to keep everything organized. I keep these in our media stand so they are close proximity to the desk.


Photos by Torrey Fox

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