What We Can Learn From A Nancy Meyer’s Set

Oh Nancy Meyers. The queen of cozy movie making that has become synonymous with all the interior design goals. She writes the only movies I have seen where the interiors can trump the all star casts and feel good story lines. Nancy Meyers and her team of set decorators, specifically Beth Rubino have been creating on screen homes for decades that truly steel the show. Whether it is a Cape Cod shingle style in Something’s Gotta Give or trendy Spanish style in Home Again they stick to a formula that makes us fall for the house time and time again.

Layering Without Creating Clutter

The Stunning Living Room From Home Again

I think the thing that brings all Nancy Meyers sets to life is the fact that they look lived in. No matter how big and beautiful the house is they seem attainable because of the cozy factor. The house from Home Again is one of my favorites for many reasons, but in part due to the perfectly executed layers. Every surface has the right accents without feeling too cluttered or chaotic. Think chunky books, trays, vases, a weighty lamp and some cool decorative accents that look collected. I also think this is one of the best examples of pattern mixing with vintage pillows and rugs throughout.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Furniture

All The Cozy Feels in It’s Complicated

This is one of those funny things when you look at set photos and realize just how many pieces of furniture are in one room. The space fillers help a room to seem complete while also serving a function. You may not have room for 4 chairs and a sofa in your living room, but adding a few different sized accent tables offer more surfaces to add a plant, lighting or just a stack of books. Again this somehow doesn’t look cluttered if it is done in the right manner. Take note of Meryl Streep’s perfect house from It’s Complicated the amount of furniture used seems insane if you were to lay it out in a floor plan, but looks so homey and incredibly inviting. I love that nothing is too symmetrical – instead of conventional bedside tables place a vintage desk on one side and a large pedestal on the other to keep it interesting.


Thoughtful Accents – Even in the Kitchen

Love the sets of the Intern for their more modern look

No matter the style of the house the kitchen always feels like the main hub. Thoughtful accents like large fruit bowls, fresh basil and open shelving to display pretty dishes make the kitchen a room you would want to hangout in. Some people can view the kitchen as more of a utilitarian space, but adding in framed art on shelves and spices in pretty jars can make the kitchen look more layered and lived in. Lately I have been drawn to accents for the kitchen that feel more special and have tried to be more lax about how I lay things out on the counter. I am gravitating towards a more casual look and take note of these kitchens where nothing is too perfect.


Traditional Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

The Classic Something’s Gotta Give Living Room

Often the word traditional can be associated with stuffy or “old lady” but the classic Hamptons home in Something’s Gotta Give shows how traditional coastal style is far from stuffy. Layering in pretty colors, prints like stripes and subtle florals and bold artwork all help to liven up a room. It is also one of my favorite examples of coastal design that doesn’t look too thematic. You don’t see large pieces of coral or ships in every shot, more of a nod to those things in a subtle way.


Even though I live in a small apartment I am constantly inspired by the work of Nancy Meyers and always try and strike a balance of beautiful pieces, but lived in and comfortable. I have always been drawn to interiors that make me feel at ease and I find that through layering, soft lighting, warm accents like candles and fresh flowers. Now we just have to wait for her next movie to get even more inspiration!

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    Her taste is impeccable as is yours!

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