March Favorites

At the end of last month I mentioned I would be doing a new monthly series to recap my favorite purchases I have made and a few pieces I currently have my eye on. Even with the on and off rain, I have warm weather on the brain – big time! We aren’t going to Hawaii until June, but I am already stocking up on a beach accents like bathing suits and a woven clutch because they always seem to sell out.

I also went into J. Crew for the first time in a while this past weekend and picked up this top and these jeans. I very rarely try two pieces on that fit me perfectly and of course I tried them on together so I had to get both. These are easily my new favorite jeans because they are extremely flattering and I love the raw hem that flares out just a little bit.

I have been lusting after a bike for a long time and this this might be the year we finally get some to ride around Sausalito. A lot of the bikes I looked at were crazy expensive, but I love the look of this and it is a great price point. Another way I like to approach a new season is a new scent. I tried this “Under the Lemon Trees” and was instantly hooked. It layers so nicely with other perfumes I have and gives off the best summery smell without being too sweet. I can’t belive it is almost April!

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