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I opened up a Q&A on Instagram this past weekend and loved all of the questions that came in. I wasn’t able to get to every one, but I have made notes of any that I didn’t touch on and plan to answer them in more thorough blog posts.

One of the questions I received a few times was about how I update my apartment for spring. I will be doing a post soon on a spring bedroom refresh, but I wanted to share some pieces I am loving right now for the new season. This is a time to lighten up and pack away some of the heavier winter textures. I gravitate towards fresh scents (especially diffusers to fill your space) and simple florals like freesias, hydrangeas and tulips. As always I am all about great texture and a layering of soft neutrals!

  1. Demilune Table, 2. Diffuser, 3. Art, 4. Coup Glasses, 5. Woven Vase, 6. Linen Quilt, 7. Small Dish (I use under a candle), 8. Lumbar Pillow, 9.Lys Candle, 10. Pajama TopBottoms, 11.Basket, 12. Hand Soap, 13. Area Rug, 14. Pacific Natural Book


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