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When I did my Instagram Q & A last week a lot of you said you would like to see more about building out a capsule wardrobe. I don’t follow a true capsule wardrobe per se, but I have paired down my closet a lot over the past few years. Instead of reaching for fast fashion and trendy pieces I truly belive in building out your wardrobe off classic basics that go with everything and then slowly adding in some special pieces.

One of the biggest changes I made was choosing to invest in expensive staples that I wear time and time again instead of having a ton of options. It can be tempting to fill an empty closet with a lot, but I usually end up reaching for the same few things so they might as well be nice.


Basics are the key to everything I wear. I live for comfy t shirts, well fitting denim and sweaters that can stand more than a few wears. When choosing basics I definitely look for quality, but I wear through t shirts so quickly that it doesn’t make sense for me to spend a ton of money on them. For that reason I love shops like Everlane and Lou & Grey. I get most of my tees from them and love how they fit and how they hold up after being washed. I also love classic pieces like a chambray and a crisp white button down for a casual everyday look.

Denim is up there with my most loved basic. A great pair of jeans can go a long way. I like to have an array of different styles without being too excessive. It is important for me to have at least one pair of black jeans, one pair of white and a mix of more casual cuts and more fitted styles.



Another big change I made was deciding to get rid of anything that was poor quality and saving up for pieces that would last for years. Of course I still love H&M and Zara, but no longer look there for handbags or shoes. I found that they would fall apart quickly and the shoes were very uncomfortable. Not everything I own can be an investment piece, but I find it more gratifying to own something that feels really special instead of a plethora of bags with broken straps and marred corners.

I had my eye on this Mansur Gavriel bag forever and finally decided to get it last year. I love that the color is green instead of black so it works with a ton of different outfits and through every season. The shape is perfect and is something I will have forever! I feel the same when it comes to footwear. I live in my flats, but only own about 8 pair. Half of them were more of an investment, but I get so much wear out of them. I think it is important to have at least one pair of chelsea style black booties, pointed toe slides and something classic like a loafer. I swear by my Gucci Brixton Convertible Loafers and wear them about 3x per week. I have also purchased high end used shoes online and gotten them resoled, which is a great option if you don’t want to spend as much. You can read more about my other favorite investment pieces such as a fitted leather jacket in this post here.



Even if you are going after more of a capsule wardrobe you still need fun accents. I love printed dresses and bright colored sunglasses to elevate simple looks. Since most of my day to day clothes are solid (with the exception of patterned blouses) I like to bring in a lot of color with dresses. This is where I may go a bit cheaper, but like to have a mix of sundresses and something a little nicer to wear to a wedding. Mango, &OtherStories, Faithfull the Brand and Reformation make some of my favorite dresses. I have found it is nice to have a few solid options on hand so you don’t rush to buy something before an event that you don’t really love.



This is one of the best ways for me to utilize everything I own. When I can see items clearly I am more inclined to wear them and I like knowing everything has a place. I do have one additional tupperware bin under my bed for off season items like shorts and lightweight pajamas, that I swap in when the temperature gets warmer. Other than that all of my clothes fit in one half of our closet and my Ikea Billy. I used to have stuff everywhere, but pairing down and staying organized has made a world of difference. I also make a point of going through my closet often and discarding anything that has seen better days. I will sell items that are still in good condition, but I don’t find myself wearing much and take that money to invest in something new. Now I love having less and get excited about saving up for something special. There is something rewarding about slowly building out your wardrobe and working towards pieces instead of filling it with temporary fast fashion. It is all about balance and I will always love a mix of high and low!


Photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Ronja says:

    I love that Post,! Thank you !

  2. Lisa says:

    Excellent post….I’m saving it! So many finds!

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