Skincare Refresh

Sometimes you get to a point in your life where you realize your old routines are no longer working. For me this happened about a year ago specifically with my skincare and my diet. I have always had sensitive skin, but I started noticing big red patches on my face and raised bumps that appeared like acne, but weren’t. I would wake up with swollen red eyelids that were so irritating. I thought it might be my laundry detergent or a particular product I was using. I would get super flushed at the simplest of things and eventually knew I needed to figure out the root of what was going on.

After a while I assumed it was rosacea and when my dermatologist confirmed it was I decided to make some big changes. My skincare routine essentially needed to be overhauled and I wanted to start from scratch. I am a total product junkie, so I would buy things because of the packaging or possibly because it smelled good. I didn’t really think about what my skin was craving and that I was mixing a lot of different formulas that might not work well together.

I knew I needed to simplify and focus on ingredients. I feel in love with Juice Beauty, an organic skincare company that is actually based in the Bay Area. I use a lot of their products, but the two I use most frequently are the oil cleanser and serum. They both have the best smell and leave my skin feeling clean. After using them for about a month I really did notice a difference in the brightness of my skin.

The other product that has made the biggest difference in my life is definitely an investment, but is incredible! I use this Sisley cream as my everyday moisturizer twice a day on my face and neck. It is the one thing I have used that truly calmed down my skin and has kept the raised bumps mostly at bay. One of the main ingredients is lavender oil which I think plays a major role in the calming component. I had tried so many moisturizers at all different price points and nothing ever felt like it penetrated my skin, but this leaves my face looking so dewy. It also feels like it lasts for hours and doesn’t dry out or rub off after an hour. The other main items I usually use on the daily are this eye cream and my favorite tool ever for de puffing my tired face. I like to keep it simple, but will work this resurfacing peel in whenever my skin is look really dull. I was nervous to try it at first because I am so sensitive, but it worked so well and did not irritate my skin at all. I am going to stay on this path for a while and want to be a lot choosier when it comes to buying beauty products. I will be sure to share if I come across something else I love!


Photos by Torrey Fox

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