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I get asked about our living room sectional quite often and a lot of those questions turned into more of a conversation about sectionals in general. A lot of you are in the market for a similar style and want something durable and comfortable without breaking the bank. I tried to break this down in the Instagram review of my sectional and got some requests to expand further.

I love our sectional for what is is. Is it my all time dream sofa? No, probably not. I think some of you were shocked by that response, but I am being honest. In my profession I have seen sectionals upwards of $14,000. Even something half the cost of that is pretty standard for a Restoration Hardware sectional with down wrapped bench seat cushions. Obviously that is far out of my budget and I would assume most of our budgets. So when a sectional like mine is priced under $2k I consider that to be on the cheaper side for a very decent piece. I have slept on it, spilled things on it, my cat has sunk his claws into it time and time again and it stills looks really good! If you want to go really cheaper there are of course some options at Ikea or retailers like Overstock, but when you get in that price range that quality and comfort can drop signifigantly so do be mindful of that.

I love the color and the size of our sectional and think it works perfectly in our apartment. It isn’t a piece of furniture that I will have forever and I am always trying to get readers to be realistic about furniture quality in general. I tend to gravitate towards a sectional chaise with a long bumper which allows it to be more open than a sectional with a full return arm. A lot of you asked to see what some of my other favorite sectionals are right now so I rounded up a few by style in all different price ranges.

Transitional: Left, Right // Modern: Left, Right // Traditional: Left, Right / Skirted: Left, Right

Photo by Torrey Fox

  1. Adeline Mullin says:

    Can you tell the brand of this rug please!?

  2. lexi says:

    Where are the pillows from?

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