Home Update: Bringing Summer In

With the weather starting to get warmer, I was in the mood to bring some new life into our living room. Over the holidays I brought our large plant to my parents house and since then the corner always felt very empty. I recently added in a large bird of paradise which instantly made such a big difference to the overall look and feel. I buy almost all of my plants at the San Francisco Flower Mart because the pricing is so good, but I have also seen these plants at Home Depot and Sloat Garden center. I do get asked about this and our bedroom plant quite a bit so you can always reference this post with some basic care tips.

I was also getting a bit bored of our coffee table situation. This is one of my favorite elements to play around with and re style with new accessories. I had been on the hunt for a large metal tray and finally found one, also at the Flower Mart. I love the way it looks and the amount of contrast the brass brings to the room. If you are not local you can find very similar options here and here.

I have also been on the hunt for additional accessories. I am always eager to change up the console behind the sofa and re decorate our built in shelves. I have been trying to save up to replace some larger items, so I am leaning towards more budget friendly accents right now. Staples like these classic white frames, a cool bust or textured candle can make a lackluster area look more put together.


Photography by Torrey Fox

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