More Books I’m Loving

I just did a blog post last month about some books I like to style shelves with, but I know how much y’all love coffee table books. I wanted to do a follow up post to share some more classic books that are a bit heavier making a perfect anchor point for a table or large shelf. I realized I pointed out that I like to incorporate a weighty book in my previous post, but didn’t specify which ones. These bigger books help a lot when creating a simple stack or can even stand on their own! Smaller books are great for a shelf stack, but I have found they can often get lost on a long console table or larger coffee table.

{console, wishbone chair}


Photography by Torrey Fox

  1. Alison says:

    What is that paint color on your wall? It’s beautiful!! I have orange wood floors like those and am struggling to find a good fresh color.

  2. I am obsessed with the basket on the bottom shelf! Where is it from! Just found you on insta and so glad I did!

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