The Ultimate List of Everything in Our Apartment

Todays blog post isn’t the most fun if you have been following along for a long time, but it seems to be very necessary. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner, but I have finally compiled a list with links to just about everything in our apartment. I have tried to answer questions in different posts, but it seems having one post as a point of reference is the easiest

I get asked the same few questions just about every day on Instagram so this will be a good starting point if you are looking for something in particular. I also get asked about sizing of certain items like rugs so I will include what we currently have in the list. My goal is to update this frequently as pieces are always changing around here. As always you can also reference the shop pages, particularly “My Apartment“.


Small Table (we recently swapped out of dark antique table)

Rug is vintage similar here


Round Mirror



Candle Cloche

Living Room

Sectional: We have the stocked Yarn Dyed Linen Weave Fabric in Shelter Blue. I get asked a lot about the color, is it more grey or blue? I say blue, but if you are looking to purchase I highly recommend ordering a swatch beforehand. I also get asked about durability all the time. Simple answer, it has held up really well, but it does pill.

Coffee Table: This is old and if you are looking for cheaper versions you can find one here and here.

Rug: (We have an 8 x 10)

Console Table (60″)

Console Lamp

Desk (55″)

Desk Chair and this one

TV Console


Drapery Rod

Basket Under Table

Patterend Pillow

Striped Pillow

For most of my coffee table books visit this shop page

*living room plant is a bird of paradise




Natural Shade (petite rustique)

Jute Rug (2 x 3)

Glass Front Cabinet

Marble Tray

Ceiling lantern

Pepper Grinder

Wood Stool

Dish Towels

Seasonal Produce Art

Santal Candle

Cabinet Pulls

Cabinet Knobs

Dish Soap

Burl Frame

Face Art

*The open shelving came with the apartment



Rug (8 x 10)


Nightstand (painted Ashwood Moss by Benjamin Moore)

Side Table (used as second nightstand)

Bench (from a flea market, similar linked)

Duvet Cover






Star Pendant

Photography by Torrey Fox

  1. Meghan McDonald says:

    Would you mind sharing where the art print of the mask is from? It’s on the console table in living room. Thank you!

  2. Ashleyanne Stratas says:

    I love the creative use of the marble slab to extend your counter space! Would you mind sharing where something like that can be found?

  3. Margaret Goodman says:

    Hi Chrissy! I absolutely love your apartment and really appreciate you linking everything! The one thing that caught my eye that I can’t find a link for is the beautiful white bowl on your coffee table. Do you happen to remember where you purchased it? Thanks so much!!

  4. Laurette says:

    Beautifull!!What colour do you have on your walls…look soft and dreamy.

  5. sarah says:

    Hi! Do you mind sharing where you found the pulls that you added to your Billy bookcases? Thank you so much!

  6. Muriel Assi says:

    May I ask what camera you use to take your pictures ? And I loooove your apartment , so light and bright and beautiful !

  7. Monica Cappetta says:

    Love, love, love your home. Beautifully and simply styled.

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