Candle Breakdown

I have done more than a couple posts dedicated to candles, but it is still a heavily asked about topic. Specifically what my favorites are and if I could suggest options at different price ranges. I figured it would be helpful to have one post with my favorites in addition to some cheaper alternatives.

I know spending more money on nice candles isn’t for everyone, but I always try and stress that they really do make a difference. In addition to having a longer burn time, the scents are usually a bit softer and can be picked up on without the candle even being lit! You can also visit my candle shop page for additional favorites – I just love too many to put in one single round up!

Under $40


Floral: Lys, English Pear, Burning Rose, Portofino, Santal

Citrus: Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Nectarine & Honey, Basil, Abd el Kader

Earthy: Woods, Cyrnos, Feu de Bois, Velvet Rose, Tree house

Photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Nina says:

    Hi! I love your candle snuffer. I’ve been looking for a similar one… any suggestions? Thank you! xx

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