Collection Crush: Flower Line Part II

If you saw my Collection Crush post at the beginning of last month, you saw me mention it would be a two part post. The newly launched Flower Collection by Drew Barymore sold exclusively at Walmart had so many beautiful pieces I wanted to break it up a bit by style. The last post included more of the traditional elements that stood out to me and here I will share some of the more patterned and colorful.

This line has far surpassed my expectations as I can be a bit weary of celebrity collaborations. You can tell so much thought went into each design and I love how all of the pieces read well together and on their own. I had my eye on a lot of the artwork specifically because most of it comes framed. I also plan on purchasing some more accent pieces like the black cat vase and pretty pet food bowls!

{Featured Piece: White Rose Artwork}

I have been linking to pieces from Walmart lately as I consistently find great options there at a variety of price points. I was surprised to see the array of products they offer including some very well known brands like Dyson and Le Creuset. The Flower Line is just another example of how Walmart is incorporating some great affordable on trend home decor on their site an in stores.

The Flower Line has already come out with new pieces since its release so I am excited to see where this collection goes. I will continue to share pieces that I love in future posts, but for the time being I am very excited to see a curated line full of quality products at an affordable price point!


{Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post, no items were gifted}

Photography by Torrey Fox

  1. Steph Guerra says:

    Ahhh this vintage white rose frame is perfect for my bathroom but why can’t I find it in the same frame you have it? I can o ou find in black. Did you switch the frame or is that one sold out? By the way, I LOVE following you – beat style ever.

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