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We are finally home from Kauai after a much needed ten day vacation with Daniel and my family. I truly haven’t relaxed like that in years and it felt so good to take time away from work and my computer. I am always so inspired by the beauty of Hawaii, but this trip felt extra inspirational. I took photos of just about everything and a lot of them I took just for myself which I never really do anymore. I was paying attention to silhouettes, small vignettes and the beauty of the island itself. Being in a creative job, it is so important for me to get out of my environment and draw inspiration from the outside.

I will be sharing more about our trip in another post, but I am so excited to be home and start making some changes around here. I know how much you all love the home decor content so I want to expand on that even more. Also in case you missed it on Instagram, Daniel and I got engaged in Hawaii! I don’t think I will be sharing much of an engagement story because it was a very special private moment, but I will definitely be sharing more wedding content as we start planning. Thank you all so much for following along. It felt so good to have some time away, but I am feeling a new wave of energy to be back and creating beautiful content!

Desk, Desk Chair, Rug, Drapes, Stool

Photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Felicia says:

    Do you have a link for your jeans!?

  2. Beautiful office decor and it reminded me how I love Ed Ruscha. I went to Kauai for my honeymoon (and once before that). Lovely!

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